All about Prince xml


Prince XML is the combination of two words, prince and xml. Prince is a software program which converts the XML file and documents into the PDF file by using the Cascading Style Sheets. It also converts the HTML file into PDF file. This software was developed by a small company named Yes Logic.

Prince XML was first released in 2003 with the name of prince 1.0 which was used to support XML, CSS, and SVG. After this another prince XML was released in 2005 called prince 5.1 after going through the acid 2 test. Now recently new version of prince XML was released that is the prince 7.1 in May 2010. XML stands for Extensible Markup Language which is text markup language that is used to store data and to pass the messages between different applications. To process the arbitrary XML within programs there are lots of libraries available. To translate XML to professional printed documents you will have few options.

Other than prince, FOP also translates the data of XML to PDF but it is too time consuming to do the changes while prince is relatively inexpensive and have many advance features that other software does not have. Prince uses standard CSS so can control the formatting system. It also support the image formats like PNG, GIF, JPEG, and TIFF. Prince XML uses the free Microsoft True Type fonts. It also offers free and non expiring demo that is packed as RPM and DEB.

Prince formats a different document that is written in CSS by looking their style sheets. It also enables loads documents, different images, style sheets and different fonts of the XML, CSS, SVG, and HTML files over HTTP, such as web browser. Prince publishes different features like hyphenation, crop marks, columns, page floats and footnotes. It has rounded borders, small caps, CMYK and RGBA colors and is an eye candy.

As there is a new version of prince introduced, it has lots of new features in it which makes it better from the other old versions. It includes bug fixes that is related to the functions like hyphenation, CSS used for tables, table cells and inline elements, font family issue that is on Linux, when prince is running from CGI on windows than zombie processes is available, there is a resolution that is related to TIFF bug, and it has browser that is compatible formatting of BR and PRE. Prince XML also has a reduced memory usage for those documents that are of heavy data.

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