All You Need To Know About Womens Perfumes

Favorittbilde #4. Ukas bilde / Photo of the week 37/2011
Vidar Øverland, seniorrådgiver i seksjon for privatarkiver, er mannen bak ukens bilde:

Favorittbilde #4:
Det er nok å ta vel hardt i å karakterisere dette fotografiet som mitt favorittbilde. Men motivet er interessant og ganske morsomt. Bildet er tatt i forbindelse med kampanje for NKL-sigaretten ”President” på Rådhusplassen i Oslo ca. 1950. Vi befinner oss altså i en tid da det fortsatt var relativt uskyldig og slett ikke helseskadelig å røyke. Bilens reklame, de unge kvinnenes klesdrakt samt sigarettpakkens utforming og navn leder straks tankene og drømmene i retning USA. Hvorfor NKL valgte å gi sigarettene navnet ”President” vites ikke, men det kan jo tenkes at selskapet har latt seg inspirere av LJ Tiedemanns suksess med sigarettmerket ”Teddy”, navngitt etter USAs president Theodore ”Teddy” Roosevelt.

I 1914 overtok Coop NKL Julius Haugens Tobakksfabrikk på Rodeløkka i Oslo og etablerte NKLs Tobakkfabrikk i de samme lokalene i Marstrandsgaten 13. Sigarettmerket ”President” var på 1950-tallet en av bestselgerne til NKLs Tobakkfabrikk. I 1961 ble fabrikken solgt til Tiedemanns Tobaksfabrik.

Tobakksreklame ble i Norge forbudt med lov i 1973 (trådte i kraft fra 1975). I mange år før forbudet, var tobakksreklame en viktig inntektskilde for bl.a. aviser og ukeblader. Det var ganske vanlig å benytte unge kvinner i reklame for tobakk, men mange husker sikkert også bildene av røykende idrettsfolk og skuespillere, – ja til og med små barn ble benyttet i reklamesammenheng.

Fotografiet er hentet fra Riksarkivets privatarkiv 1394 Coop, NKL BA, eske Um 8.

Vidar Øverland in the private archives section, show us his favorite photo:
# 4:
It is a bit exaggerated to characterize this photo as my favorite photo. But the motive is interesting and quite funny. The photo is taken in connection with a campaign for the NKL cigarette “President” outside the town hall in Oslo around 1950. We are thus in a time where it still was quite innocent and not at all damaging to the health to smoke. The car’s commercial, the young ladies’ outfit as well as the design of the cigarette pack and name, immediately lead our thoughts and dreams to the USA. Why NKL chose to give the cigarettes the name “President” is not known, but it is possible that the company has been inspired by LJ Tiedemann’s success with the cigarette brand “Teddy”, named after the US president Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt.
In 1914, Coop NKL took over Julius Hansen’s Tobakksfabrikk (tobacco factory) at Rodeløkka in Oslo, and established NKL’s Tobakkfabrikk on the same premises in Marstrandsgaten 13. In the 50s, the cigarette brand “President” was one of NKL Tobakksfarbrikk’s bestsellers. In 1961 the factory was sold to Tiedemanns Tobaksfabrik.
Tobacco advertising was forbidden by law in Norway in 1973 (effective from 1975). In many years before the ban, tobacco advertising was an important source of income for newspapers and magazines, etc. It was quite usual to use young women in commercials for tobacco, but many probably also remember the photos of smoking athletes and actors – even small children were used in commercials!
The photograph is from the private archive 1394 Coop, NKL BA, box Um 8.
By Riksarkivet (National Archives of Norway) on 2011-09-13 14:15:20

Women have many challenges here and now. We live in a world that promotes beauty on the outside instead of the inside. Womens perfume is no different. The advertisers are using sexy looking women to sell their womens perfumes. From an early age women have constantly been expected to look and smell nice, where men haven’t had all those expectations placed on them. Disclose womens perfume and its benefits in this editorial.

Many women have been raised in a home that taught them to be lady like. They played dress up, wore mommy’s make up and perfume from an early age. Womens perfume has been around for a very long time and there have been many changes over the years. There have been many break through in womens perfume over the decades, but all with the thought in mind, to make a woman feel and smell divine to a man.

Womens perfume can set an attitude right from the moment it is sprayed on. There are many pleasant fragrances to choose from and each one, can add to a different sensory mode. To choose the right perfume for one woman isn’t so easy and quickly. There are a lot of rules you have to observe. Women are so different one another that you have to become aware of some things. You have to pay attention for her personality and which flavor is best for her. There are large numbers of variously fragrances and if you want to select the appropriate scent, it can take up your time.

We give you some advices that can help you to choose quickly and correctly the best fragrance for your lady. Women’s perfumes divide in five sorts – fruity, fresh, oriental, and floral. If your girl is more diligently, you have to take a flavor with fresh aroma. Oriental and Floral fragrances are for special events, like anniversary and other substantial dates. The best scent for women that spend a lot of time in mall is fruit. It can make your girl fresh all day.

You can find womens perfume just about everywhere you go. Some grocery stores are even carrying some form of womens perfume. The classified of women perfume can be: perfumes, colognes, oils, gels, and balms. Like variety of fragrances and this classification can help you in different situations. Colognes are milder essence and are great for propinquity. Perfumes have long-lasting effect. Gels and balms are perfect for work and informal wear.

The importance step of your purchase is that you have to be sure that this is her aroma. Yes, every woman wants to have a bottle of attractive perfume, but in spite of that it will be westerly if you bring her with you. When you buy a scent it’s not important what you’ve heard about this perfume, because it can not blend well with your woman’s body chemistry.

There is a way that you can find affordable and discount perfume. But the present will worth much, not because the price, but because it will be choose from the heart and she will not interested from where you have buy the perfume.

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