Amarnath Cave – The Legend

.tags Amartnath cave is among the most famous memorials in Hinduism. This shrine is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is located in Kashmir and Jammu of the Indian state. According to the Hindus, this cave is more than 5, 000 years of age and plays a very essential part in their religion. This cave was where Lord Shiva narrated the secrets of the creation of the entire universe and immortality to his wife, Parvati.

Thousands of centuries ago, Parvati asked Shiva when and why he wore the Mund Mala or the beads of heads. He replied by saying that whenever she was born, he would add another head to his beads. As Parvati is immortal, she wanted to know the reason why this does not happen to him. She kept on asking and asking Shiva about this until Shiva himself got fed up and told her the secret of immortality.

He looked for a place that no living soul would be able to listen. This is when he chose the Amarnath cave and he made the necessary precautions. He left his mount, the Nandi at Bail gaon or Pahalgam. He also released the moon from his hair during Chandanwari and released the snakes on the banks of the great Lake Sheshnag. He also left his son, Lord Ganesha, at Mahaganesh Hill. As he was the master of the five elements used to create living things, he also left them at Panjtarni.

After doing all these, he and Parvati entered Amarnath Cave where he took his deer skinned Samadhi so that he could concentrate. To make sure that no living creature hears the holy, immortal tale, he also spread fire by calling Kalagni and eliminate those around and inside the cave. It was only then that Shiva started the story.

Unfortunately, an egg that was lying under his deer skin was protected and the egg itself was not considered non living. A pair of pigeons came from this egg and since they have heard the immortal tale, they, too, became immortal. Right now, there are many reports that they have seen these pigeons during their trek to the holy Amarnath cave.

It was sad to be discovered by a shepherd. The story says that a saint gave him a bag of coal but when he reached home, the bag was actually full of golden coins. He was happy that he went back to the saint to give his thanks but found the cave instead. He told this to the villagers and the cave became a holy shrine since then.

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