Amarnath Yatra Tour – Amarnath Pilgrimage Tour


Amarnath Yatra Tour

Amarnath Yatra Tour – One of the holy trinity, Shiva is a living god. The most sacred and most ancient book of India, the Rig Veda evokes his presence in its hymns, Vedic Myths, rituals and even testify to his existence from the dawn of time. Legend has it that Shiva recounted to Parvati the secret of creation in a cave in Amarnath. Unknown to them, a pair of doves eavesdropped on this conversation and having learnt the secret, are reborn again and again, and have made the cave their eternal abode. The annual yatra to Holy Amarnath Cave, situated at 14000 ft. above sea level, is organised by the Jammu & Kashmir State Government during the month of July and August. The intending pilgrims are allowed to perform darshan from Ashard Purnimashi to Shravan Purnimashi which course spreads over a month or so.

Amarnath Tour

For Amarnath Tour one is required to get registered. The registration is done by J&K Govt. Tourist  offices are located in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Jammu and Srinagar. One should send the form for registration to the office nearest to you, along with two passports size photographs duly affixed at the indicated places, a self addressed pre stamped envelope and a medical fitness certificate from an MBBS doctor. Each yatri has to submit a separate application for registration. Every yatri is issues a registration – cum – identity slip by the registration authority. 

Amarnath Pilgrimage Tour

Amarnath Pilgrimage Tour – There are many legends associated with the cave of Amarnathji. One of the legends is that Lord Shiva was describing the secret of creation to Goddess Parvati in a cave in Amarnath. Without their knowledge, a pair of mating doves overheard their conversation. Having learned the secret of creation, the doves now take rebirth again and again and the same cave serves as their abode since then. Another popular legend is that, to make all the gods immortal, Lord Shiva distributed celestial nectar of immortality amongst them. This led to awarding of the name Amarnath to Lord Shiva, meaning “Lord of Immortality'”. Kashyap Rishi, the grandson of Lord Brahma drained the Kashmir valley of water. After the whole valley was drained, Bregeish Rishi, who was traveling the Himalayas, discovered the Amarnath cave and lingam. Slowly, people came to know about the cave and the Shivalinga and Amarnath came to be regarded as the abode of Lord Shiva and a revered pilgrim center.

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