Amazing Pacific Northwest US Road Trips


There isn’t much of a better way to see the United States than by taking a great American road trip, and the pacific northwest has some of the best drives (of varying lengths) to choose from. The ones listed below are some of the best, in different areas and of different lengths to help fit any mood.

Highway 20, also known as North Cascades Highway, through Washington state is one of the most beautiful drives you’ll ever take. This highway goes across the state from east to west and is closed during the winters. Driving through the mountains you’ll be pleased to see many mountain views and surprised by all the waterfalls as you take the windy turns.

Taking highway 101 around the Olympic Peninsula is a wonderful way to spend the day. You’ll be driving through rainforests, and then reach the beach. Of course you can stop at any point you feel like it, or you can follow this road south all the way down along the Oregon and California coasts as well.

The historic Columbia River highway is often called the king of roads and one of America’s most glorious drives. This is a narrow seventy mile drive that starts in Portland, Oregon and ends in The Dalles (you can do it the other way too, obviously). Driving along Interstate 84 you will drive past many waterfalls, including Multnomah Falls, the third tallest fall in the USA.

The west cascades scenic byway is a 215 mile drive down the spine of Oregon, typically taking somewhere between seven and nine hours to complete, but the trip itself may take you longer than that because you may want to stop at some of the many trails along the way. This scenic drive takes you by rivers and beautiful views along the west side of the cascades. You can only really do this drive from the late spring through the fall because 19 and 46 are closed during the winter months.

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