American Bulldog And Arthritis

.tags Why Even Young Dogs Can Get Arthritis

Even young dogs can suffer from puppy arthritis. Although dog arthritis is more common among older dogs, your puppy can get arthritis when it is caused by any kind of injury to joints. Also, young dogs that are somewhat on the heavy side can are also in greater danger of arthritis. Some dog arthritis can begin early, without you knowing, and can only start showing effects when your dog ages. Since puppy arthritis is not common and only occurs in select cases when injury or trauma plays a role in damaging any of your young dogs joints, this type of dog arthritis is usually only characterized by lameness and constant joint aches and pains.

Top Dog Arthritis Symptoms

Lameness is the foremost of all dog arthritis sym. Dogs with arthritis usually show no other telltale signs aside from a weakening in its movements, so take this as your first clue. Your dog may suddenly find it hard to get up or move around fast and easily. A lot of dog owners mistake these symptoms for normal signs of aging in old dogs. However, in young dogs, when vague signs of lameness start to show, your dog might be in danger of arthritis. Also, if you are sensitive enough, you will most likely be able to detect abnormalities in your dogs behavior. If your dogs seem to complain or experience chronic pain around its joints, chances are high that that equates to dog arthritis. Most dog arthritis cases are also acompanied with inflammation, since the damaged joint will swell up. Aside from these easily identified symptoms, your dog can also suffer from fever, and a change in its appetite. These symptoms are harder to diagnose since it can be caused by something else. However, if these symptoms are accompanied with the other symptoms mentioned earlier, it means that there is stronger proof that your dog is experiencing an onset of arthritis.

How to Treat Dog Arthritis

If your dog starts showing any of the symptoms above, dont ignore the condition and check for the other symptoms. Dog arthritis in old dogs can be prevented when dog arthritis in young dogs are properly treated. Also, if your dogs arthritis is immediately paid sufficient attention to, the faster it can be treated. Veterinarians usually prescribe pain relievers, and anti-inflammatory medication to help with the swelling and the pain. There are also several types of therapy to treat a dog with arthritis. One of the most common therapies is the use of bee venom products. Herbal therapies are also very effective in relieving pain experienced by dogs with arthritis. However, most treatment methods and medications are geared towards relieving the pain and discomfort that your dog feels. Dog arthritis is a degenerative disease. Once it sets on, its pretty hard to reverse the effects.

How to Avoid Dog Arthritis

To avoid dog arthritis, make sure that even as a young puppy, your dog gets the right amount of exercise. Dont let your dog lounge around, growing old. Dont over exert it with excessive exercises either. Also, since fat dogs run higher risks of getting dog arthritis, make sure to control and regulate your dogs diet and nutrition. If your dog starts looking rounder and seems heavier, act immediately by cutting back on its meals and taking it out to exercise.

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