American Idol Audition


American Idol Auditions does not restrict to a particular city or place, it is conducted all over America. The main motto is to reach the people hidden in every corner of America and pick up the best talented singers. I know you all are excited about the next American Idol. Everyone has got some unique talent inside, but what is the use of such talent if it is not presented in front of the world. Many want to show their talent but don’t get the proper platform to do so. But now it’s something different, American Idol provides opportunity for the talented singers to present themselves on the platform. And guide them to achieve something with their talent of singing. You might be remembering the American Idol Audition Season 9. The judging seats were occupied by Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson, Kara DioGuardi and Paula Abdul.


This time American Idol has conducted its audition in Boston (Massachusetts), Atlanta(Georgia), Chicago( Illinois), Orlando(Florida), Los Angeles(California), Dallas(Texas) and Denver(Colorado). Many talented singers participated in this audition, some got success and some were rejected. The Audition was more interesting than our expectation, some incidents in the audition even made the judges to laugh. Victoria Beckham, Mary J. Blige, Shania Twain, Katy Perry, Avril Lavigne, Joe Jonas, Neil Patrick Harris and Kristin Chenoweth were brought in to star as guest judges during the auditions phase.


Taking part in American Idol audition is not an easy work. You may have to wait for long hours because the numbers of participants are in thousands and millions. Every participant has to wait and have patience for just one chance and then put his full effort to get select. The audition goes on for a month in different cities and different places. It is not only a tough task for the participants but also for the judges. Judges have to choose the best singer from several participants. You can imagine how tough it is, judging from the best participants from a group having equal talents. There are some rules to take part in the audition the participant should not have any agreement in effect at the time of taking part in the audition. The participant should be more than 16 years and less than 28 years in age. Who do not fulfill the age limit cannot take part in the audition.


Lee DeWyze won the season 9 title of American Idol, if u have the talent to win the title of American Idol Session 10 then you need to work hard and get 100% prepared before taking part in the audition and continue the same during the show as well. American Idol audition is giving the right opportunity to the people with immense talent of singing to show themselves and prove that they are the real talent of America. So don’t miss the chance this time be prepared and get selected.

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