America?s Biggest Landowners


Do you believe that Ted Turner, founder of CNN, own acres of land which is nearly three times the size of Rhode Island. This media mogul garners the top rank in The Land Report’s annual list of the biggest landowners in America. Media titan John Malone ranks fifth after his purchase of the Bell Ranch which is 290,000 acres.


The Reed family runs Simpson Investment Company which specializes in production and manufacture of forest products. Simpson Investment Company is the holding company for its three subsidiaries including Simpson Lumber Company. Simpson Lumber Company carries out logging operations in Shelton and South Carolina.


The Reed family: 777,000 acres


Stan Kroenke is a business entrepreneur. He set up a real estate development firm Kroenke Group in 1983. The firm has built many shopping centers and apartment buildings.


Stan Kroenke: 740,000 acres


Best known as CEO of the cable and media giant Tele-Communications Inc., John Malone is also the chairman of Liberty Media. Recently, he has bought the 290,000-acre Bell Ranch. He owns land in Colorado, Wyoming, and New Mexico.


John Malone: 1.2 million acres


King Ranch, founded by in 1853 by Captain Richard King and Gideon K. Lewis, is one of the world’s largest ranches. The ranch, which was designated as National Historic Landmark in 1961, consists of portions of six Texas counties.


Captain Richard King and Gideon K. Lewis: 911,215 acres


Media mogul Ted Turner is known as the founder of the cable news network CNN. He owns acres of land including the world’s largest private Buffalo herd in Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, South Dakota, Kansas, Nebraska, Florida, and Georgia.



Ted Turner: over 2 million acres


Brad Kelly founded Commonwealth Brands Tobacco Company in 1900. The company manufactured discounted cigarettes USA Gold, Malibu, and Bull Durham. Brad Kelly owns land in Texas, Florida, and New Mexico.


Brad Kelley: 1.7 million acres


The Irving Family mainly owns land in Maine. The family also does business in everything from tissue manufacturing to oil and gas.


The Irving Family: 1.2 million acres


Emmerson, the owner of Sierra Pacific Industries: 1.722 million acres


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