Amsterdam ? The Premier Travel City


Amsterdam is one of the coolest cities in Europe. Beautiful, hip, laid back, lots to do, lots to see, many pubs,food from all over the world and very friendly people. A visit to this very beautiful city is sometimes like taking a walk in the 17th century. The center of Amsterdam has a lot of charming architecture dating from this period. Its an excellent city to tour on foot or bicycle. However, Amsterdam may boast a lot of 17th century architecture, but that’s about all that’s old fashioned about the place.



Amsterdam has several excellent museums and two of the best are next to each other. The Van Gogh Museum is a must for anyone interested in the artists work. It houses some of his most famous masterpieces beginning with his time in Holland to the period of his death in France. On the same square is the 250−room Rijksmuseum, which contains among its treasures a handful of exquisite Vermeers and one of the best Rembrandt collections in the world. “The Night Watch” is exhibited in the Hall of Honor and is most definitely a “work of art”. Astonishing is only a portion of the original painting which had to be cut down to fit its intended spot in the city old town hall. There is a copy of an uncut version of the painting hanging in the room just before the Hall of Honor.



After having a hearty breakfast we are ready for some serious stuff. If we jump on a tram 2 or 5, these pass through the Spui regularly, we can make our way to the Museumplein. Here you are spoiled for choice with all the different kinds of museums. Firstly, there is The Van Gogh Museum, which holds a lot of Van Gogh greatest works, and also works from various other acclaimed artists. Just next to the Van Gogh there is the Stadelijk Museum. This houses a collect of modern art and has numerous expeditions throughout the year. Leaving these museums behind us we make our way towards our last museum, The Rijks Museum. This is quite a large museum and could take some time to get around, but it is worth it. Art dates from the 12th century and has a superb collection of Dutch masters, including the Nachtwacht, by Rembrandt.



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