Amway Marketing Overview

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By Abbie Treis on 2007-10-07 00:53:14
tags If you have been online or just watching your T.V lately, I am sure that you have come across the network marketing company Amway, unless you have been under a rock the past 30 years. I am going to give a honest unbiased opinion of the Amway Marketing strategy. Now before we get started there are a lot of people who are in the Amway business and or marketing their business the old school traditional way of marketing.

Now you might ask yourself what is the old traditional way of marketing Amway. Well that normally would consist of doing at home meetings, word of mouth, dvd’s, and passing out fliers. The problem with this and the company understands it is that a lot of the reps were not really having tons of success growing their business that way. So one of the best thing the company could have done, and I think a lot more will do is start really market Amway on t.v.

I still remember the first time I got to see the commercial I almost fell out of my chair, because that was the first time that I have ever seen a large network marketing company advertise their business online. Now that was a great move for the company and it’s IBO’s, but the downfall to me is that their IBO rate of sponsorship is still the same for 90% of the IBO’s who are trying to promote their business, because the reps don’t understand how to really practice Amway Marketing on their own.

What I mean Is that the company will grow even larger when reps start learning how to really market Amway online and off on their own to help grow the confidence in the company to go along with the marketing Amway is already doing. That is really the missing ingredient for reps is just learning how take their Amway marketing to a whole different level by really focus on marketing online.

Marketing Online is the key to success for a lot of reps, because now your able to reach millions of people, and I mean targeted people who want to know more about the Amway business opportunity. This is a skill set that you just can’t learn on your own without being properly trained. That is the key, getting trained on how to market online and what tools and resources you are going to need to make it happen.

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