Andy Evans

.tags Andy Evans decided what he wanted to become when he saw his Can-Am race in the year 1963. Even though he was a twelve year old boy at that time, but his mind was filled passion for the sport. Many of his peers had the same passion, but not his level of devotion to the sport. It was this devotion that made it possible to convert his passion into a profession.

Andy Evans used his racing hobby to cope with the difficulties he faced in life. He began his career by taking part in the events that were held in the Pacific Northwest. In the 1980s he didnt have the money to hire a team to look after things including experimenting with his car, filling out forms, and hauling his car from one racing track to another.

Initially he kept auto racing as a hobby which rejuvenated his life. But as time passed this hobby became his life. Once this happened he started dedicating himself to the sport and perfecting his skills. He also started learning whatever he could about the vehicles used in the sport.

Evans developed his racing skills on the track by participating in races. He started to look under the hood of his car so that he could learn as much as possible about race cars. To do this he started Scandia Engineering his first business venture. This firm looked after the needs of car enthusiasts who lived in the region. It provided him with a chance to learn as much as he could about cars, and also provided him with money to finance his next race.

He became a member of the International Motor Sports Association in the year 1990, which made him a professional racecar driver. By the year 1994 Andy Evans recognized by forming a team of his own he could increase his presence in the auto race industry. He named his team Team Scandia. By winning 12 Hours of Sebring two times and managing to field seven cars in the 1996 edition of Indianapolis 500, the team managed to build for itself a strong reputation.

Evans life would be empty without the thrill of racing and the friendship of other drivers.

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