Angular Cheilitis Home Remedy – What You Can Do at Home


Getting the right Angular Cheilitis home remedy is what someone who is suffering from such medical condition would definitely want to do. This inflammation in the mouth can be very painful as it causes the lips to get dried up and chap, and can cause a lot of embarrassment. When things go worse, it might even let out pus.

The good thing is that there are a lot of things you can do at home to get rid of the infection and prevent it from getting any worse. The best Angular Cheilitis home remedy available is water. Being utmost convenient, it helps in getting rid of the dry and chapped lips. If you gargle with water, you can also ensure that you have rid it of accumulated bacteria which is the main reason why one gets Angular Cheilitis.

Another reason for getting the condition is the lack of certain minerals in the body such as Vitamins B2 and B12. Taking in food rich in these vitamins such as vegetables, carrots, tomatoes and many others, would certainly help you fight off the deficiency.

Topical cure like lip gloss, gels or creams may be a great Angular Cheilitis home remedy, but they actually only give temporary relief from pain. You can also use cucumber, olive oil or cocoa butter to take out the pain. A humidifier may also be used at home to ensure that the air around is moist so that the lips would not dry up and crack.

From all these options, it may not be actually difficult to choose an Angular Cheilitis home remedy that would suit you and your preferences best. It would be advisable to take action of the condition right away; if neglected it could take months before it gets healed. Getting rid of it immediately also prevents the embarrassment you get because of having the condition.

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