Anxiety Attacks in Middle of the Night


Have you recently been woken by anxiety attacks in the middle of the night? This happens to a lot of people and can be a genuinely terrifying experience so you are not alone. I feel for you because this used to happen to me but I took action and now I am over it, I have not had it happen to me in over a year. So why are you being woken by anxiety attacks in the middle of the night?

Stress – They say the most obvious answer is usually the right one and this is right here. Really have a close look at your life and determine what exactly has changed recently or you have been thinking about that is causing you stress. Maybe it is your job? Your Kids? Financial problems? It may take a while thinking to come up with something here.

You suffer anxiety attacks because you feel a lack of control over your surroundings and the base of that is fear.What I have found useful is to define the absolute worse thing that could happen. If it is financial trouble then you might lose your house, go bankrupt and have to live at a relatives house until you get stable again. Could you handle this? This really helps define your fears and banish them.

Many think that dreams are the time when your memories become solid and pass into long term memory. If your thoughts all day have been about negative things and feeling helpless this will store in your long term memory and this can be damaging. It is probably the reason you are waking in the middle of the night.

Anxiety attacks are a terrible thing and nobody deserves the torment but look at it like this. It affects everyone around you. Your kids and friends and family are affected even though they might say “I’m fine”. This is a great motivation. Do your friends and kids deserve to see the best version of you day to day? Will you regret not changing right NOW in a few years?

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