Anxiety Disorder in Children Treatment


Anxiety can be a crippling problem in anyone, and many adults suffer from this problem today. But children often suffer from anxiety as well. Anxiety Disorder in Children Treatment is very different from treating adults. It can be very frustrating for a child to have this problem, it can also be disabling if it’s bad enough.

Anxiety in adults is a constant feeling of anxiousness. It doesn’t matter where, when, or why there’s just always a feeling of anxiousness when an attack hits. You can be in the middle of a party with a lot of people, or you can be in an empty room. It doesn’t really matter; the attacks just strike at random. Some people do have a specific thing that sets of their attacks, but that doesn’t make it any more bearable.

When children suffer from anxiety problems many parents will often misdiagnose it. They will think their kid is acting up, or has ADD. They will then take the child to the doctor and the doctor will prescribe a medication that the child is to take for the rest of his or her life. This isn’t a good thing. Medications that they give adults to treat anxiety can cause severe side effects and liver damage.

When they give them to children the effects are even worse. Treating a child that suffers from anxiety is difficult, but the first step is to recognize that it’s anxiety and not ADD. The next step in treatment without using medication is to try to figure out how bad the attacks are. Some can range from light paranoia and a feeling of being watched, to outright panic which leads to curling up in the fetal position and crying.

After you’ve figured out how bad they are suffering try to figure out if any specific thing triggers it. If they have something specific that sets them off then work with them to overcome their fear of it. Remember children don’t think like adults, so you have to be simple, and make sure you stay with them every step of the way. If they have no specific trigger then you need to take it a step further.

Make sure the child gets exercise, obviously stretching routines are hard for a child to follow, so just make sure they do something physical to wear them out. Sometimes anxiety can be a result of to much energy and not enough activity. So this can help treat it. Meditation sometimes works for adults, but again we are dealing with a child here. Technically all meditation is is an extremely relaxed state of mind, so do something with the child that gets them to that state of relaxation. Another method to helping is to have your child breath slowly.

It’s never fun dealing with anxiety, Anxiety disorder in children treatment can be done naturally. If you want to treat them without medication then you need to find the cause of the anxiety. After finding the cause start talking to them and teach them there’s nothing to be afraid off. Then do an activity that will tire them out physically, and then do something that will relax them completely. It’s important to keep a person relaxed during an attack.

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