Anxiety Self Help


I sometimes laugh when I hear the words “anxiety self help”. After all if you have an anxiety problem the chances are that you are struggling with anxiety everyday and are forced to help yourself regardless of who you see or what drugs you are taking.

The truth is that you are alone with this problem, apart from the few hours a week that you are with your therapist or getting comfort from someone you know. The good news is though, that there is really effective anxiety self tips available, and when you use them, you can dramatically reduce your suffering.

I want to outline below some of the tips that are available to you and I want you to check them out and see how you can use them to reduce your levels of anxiety.

1) Stay of the internet

I don’t mean stay off the net completely here, but I do mean that you should stop frightening yourself further, if you find yourself constantly checking symptoms or concerns on the internet day in and day out. I would frequently be looking up health concerns and anxiety symptoms all day when I was suffering, and it always made things worse for me. The thing to remember here is that the internet is full of fear and misinformation, and if you’re in an anxious state it will just makes things worse for you.


2) Get outside

When I was suffering with anxiety, I always found that getting outside was a great tonic for me when things were getting overwhelming. Worry and anxiety can be very oppressive and smothering, and it can really help to get outside even if you feel awful. The very sensation of sunshine on your skin can have a calming effect when it comes to quelling chronic worry, panic or anxiety.


3) Develop more awareness

When you can develop more awareness into what is happening inside for you, you will naturally start to heal the anxiety that is within you. Ask yourself during the day what you are feeling or what you are getting from all this worry, anxious behaviour or compulsions.

Wait for the answer to come and be patient. You might be surprised at what you hear.

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