Arabian Nights Party Theme


For the Arabian nights party theme, you have to create a sense of mystery and conspiracy around kings, queens, princes, princesses and thieves. For how to make this possible and to throw an amazing Arabian nights party theme, have a peek at my suggestions beneath.

1. The centerpiece of the Arabian nights party theme is the Bedouin tent. They come in all shapes and sizes and ought to fit most budgets if you hire 1.

2. Really think about holding the party on the seaside in order to reconstruct the desert effect. Otherwise your back garden will definitely meet your requirements.

3. Adorn the interior with dark colours; red and gold are customary.

4. Acquire some Moroccan style lanterns to use to light up the tent. You ought to in addition have lots of candles to create the correct feeling.

5. You and your buddies will ideally be sitting on the ground. Acquire plenty of rugs, cushions and pillows for your guests to sit down on.

6. Everything must be low down! Consequently any furnishings such as tables should be inside the tent unless they are very low!

7. Before meals it’s customary to immerse ones fingers in perfumed water! You could accomplish this by filling a glass bowl with water and adding a a small number of drops of essential oil.

8. All foodstuff should be served at ground level.

9. Think about dressing up as Aladdin, Princess Jasmine, a thief otherwise monarchs.

10. You might employ a snake charmer, henna artist, belly dancer, fortune teller or fire eater to add something special to your event.

11. To create a more genuine sense you could even rent a goat and tie it up outside. Great for eating left overs too!

12. Lastly the Arabian nights party theme should best be held at night in order to experience the proper experience of this event theme.

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