Are Vitamin Supplements Needed?

.tags Vitamins play a vital role in maintaining the cell growth, activities and functions of our body. Our fast paced life needs everything including food instantly. So many homes around the world have resorted to ready-made food, cooked and frozen food, as well as processed food. Thus, one can no more avail the nutrition that these foods had when they were fresh. The processed canned food loses all the natural charm, and the natural nutrients. But time factor has forced all to use these easy and quick sources of dietary intake. The result is people are more vitamin depleted, and there are way too many complaints of vitamin deficiency.

Adding vitamin C supplements to daily intake has become one of the best and easy means to balance the deficiency and recharge the lost energy. To understand the need of vitamin E supplements, let us study the various vitamins and its functions.

Vitamin A, B, C. E. F, and K, are the most common and essential vitamin of the body. Vitamin A is good for improving vision and has anti aging properties too. It helps maintain the immune balance for a healthy body. Vitamin A is found in sweet potato, carrots, spinach, and meat.

Vitamin B helps maintain the body metabolism and augments growth. It also helps release energy. Peanuts, almonds, milk and milk products, fish like cod, tuna, salmon’s sardines etc are rich in vitamin B.

Vitamin C supplements are found in fruits like strawberry, oranges, lemon, cantaloupe, tomatoes, etc. it helps prevent bleeding and thus helps prevent gingivitis, Epistaxis i.e. nose bleeding, bleeding from gums, and helps better repair of tissues and cells. Vitamin C supplements helps absorption of iron too.

Vitamin D is naturally synthesized by exposure to ultra violet rays from sunlight. It helps prevent multiplication of cells in cancer. It helps absorption of calcium and phosphorous which maintains the body functions and metabolism, apart from strengthening the bones..

Vitamin E supplements revitalize your body and keep you energetic. It prevents keeps the skin young, and prevents degeneration of muscles. Besides, vitamin E supplements also have action on the bleeding and clotting time of the blood. Vitamin E is found in nuts, and almonds, pistachios, soybean, and shrimp.

Vitamin F and K is found in plants and green leafy vegetables. It plays a major role in maintaining the kidney function. Besides, it also prevents excessive bleeding, and easy bruising, by having action on the clotting time of the blood. It also regulates the basic functions of the thyroid and adrenal glands.

Thus vitamins play a crucial role in a various body functions and growth and metabolism. There are various vitamin supplements available in the market. These are available in tablet, liquid or even capsule forms. You can use vitamin tablets to compensate the deficiency.

Liquid vitamin supplements are lesser preferred, as the binder cannot retain the basic it looses it basic vitamin in molecule to the liquid and it looses all it properties by the time it reaches the stomach epithelium for absorption. However, these are preferred to be used in children, and also by those for whom swallowing tablet is difficult. Liquid vitamin E supplements are available in various flavors too. Vitamin C supplements should be taken as per your nutritionist’s advice after understanding which vitamin is deficient in your body.

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