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The art and science of using aromatherapy to modify a person’s emotions, moods and overall physical well-being has been in practice since the early civilizations. The emergence of more advanced medicine and technologies has deprived aromatherapy of its wide-scale popularity through the years.

There are some people, on the other hand, that have never ceased practicing and relying on aromatherapy to improve their health and attain a holistic lifestyle. Now, as the therapeutic type re-emerges, more and more people are getting interested into it.

Learning how to use aromatherapy is as easy as 1, 2, and 3. Basically, aromatherapy uses essential oil from herbs that are ideal for maintaining health, relieving stress and regulating the normal blood flow in the body. These essential oils are the lifeline of all aromatherapy forms.

The word ‘aroma’ basically pertains to the sense of smell. And that sense is what aromatherapy targets as the therapy aims to improve body functions and bring about holistic health. Thus, recommended or treatment substances enter the bloodstream basically through the nose, or in some cases, through the microscopic pores of the skin.

There are several basic techniques on how aromatherapy can be administered to achieve a holistic lifestyle. First, use essential oils for massage. To be able to do the task, you must mix the essential oil with carrier oil, usually scent-free oil like peach kernel, sweet almond or rapeseed. Make sure that the essential oil will consist of a very minimal portion of the mixture because it can be too harsh for the skin to handle. The oil should then be used as base liquid that will be rubbed throughout the body, or on stressful parts. A good massage wraps the totality of this method.

Second, you can have aromatherapy during baths. To do this, all you need to do is to put a few drops of essential oil into a tub of water. You can get into the tub and immerse yourself there for about 20 minutes. Slowly, you would feel the sensation brought about by the oil to your skin.

For those who are complaining of stiff necks and other swollen or painful parts of the body, you can try aromatherapy using compresses. Just add about 5 drops of essential oil into hot water. Soak a piece of towel or cloth into the mixture, wring out the liquid afterwards, and put the compress into the affected area of the body.

For inhalation, just put a few drops of the oil in boiling water. Inhale the steam produced by the simple mixture. The most common and popular technique in aromatherapy nowadays is vaporization. There are aromas diffusing equipment in the market today. Grab one and use it as air freshener in your room. You can use essential oils as bases.

Lastly, the most convenient and newest technique is to convert an essential oil into perfume. You can blend your favorite essential oil in perfumes or make perfumes out of combining those oil with non-fragrant alcohol or carrier oils.

Getting an aromatherapy does not really need to be costly and time consuming. It could be a convenient and relaxing way to achieve a holistic lifestyle.

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