Ashamed Of Your Excessive Body Fat? Turn To Ayurveda


“Thou seest I have more flesh than another man, and therefore more frailty.” This famous quote by William Shakespeare says it all about the detrimental nature of being over weight.

Today, every other person is unhappy about his looks and complains of excessive body weight; and the credit goes to our hectic and sedentary lifestyles that require elongated hours of work with least physical movements. Moreover, the unhealthy junky food diets worsen the situation. Obesity or being over-weight has become one of the most common health hazards among people of all age groups across the world. This problem is becoming more severe especially among the youth in the developed countries. According to the WHO report, 2006, global rates of obesity reached 400 million in 2005 while an additional 1.6 billion adults were found to be over-weight.

Obesity as a serious weight-gain ailment invites the risk of severe health complications. A person suffering from obesity faces multiple risks of various life-threatening diseases such as Arthritis, Cancer, High blood pressure, High cholesterol, Diabetes, strokes, and heart attacks and so on. Overweight or obesity transpires over a period of time with the excessive intake of calories, much more than the body can use.

It is most often caused due to the inactive lifestyles involving lack of physical activity and unhealthy nutrition habits. Sometimes, hereditary or genetic factors can also be the cause of obesity. Also, there are various hormonal problems such as underactive thyroid, Cushing’s syndrome and PCOS which may lead to obesity. Besides, excessive use of medications, aging, emotional stress and lack of sleep can also aggravate the problem of obesity. Combating obesity calls for a strong commitment as it requires strict control on the dietary habits and maintaining regular routines of physical activity. Avoiding outside junk food and starting up with a low calorie diet is the foremost step towards the treatment of obesity. Physical exercises such as walking, cycling, swimming etc are also effective in losing the excessive body weight. Yoga, too, is becoming increasingly popular among the people as a natural remedy for treating obesity. Besides, there is a huge list of natural herbs available as the natural remedies for fighting obesity. Some of the most common herbs include:

* Ginger

* Cinnamon

* Black pepper

* Triphala

* Aloe Vera

* Bee pollen

* Guggul

* Green tea

* Red pepper etc.

Ayurveda, the age-old science of natural medication, too, is exceedingly effective in the treatment of excessive body weight. With its special range of dietary supplements, Ayurveda offers a distinctive blend of natural herbs that are highly useful in weight loss.

One of its highly potent products is DietCare which is a natural laxative that expels excessive fats from the body and thus, naturally reduces weight. This dietary supplement balances the metabolic rate and considerably improves the digestive system. It can start showing its positive results within one week of its usage.

Get that stunning body back, naturally, with the Ayurveda’s trusted range of natural diet supplements and weight loss supplements.

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