Attractive Cities in Goa


If you are planning to travel to Goa, of course you will want to know more information about the important cities of Goa and the reasons makes them so distinguish. This article meet your requriment about information relating to these cities and their attractions.


The major cities include Panaji, Margao, Mapusa, Vasco Da Gama and Ponda.


Panaji is the capital city and is full of historical monuments. The red roofed Latin Houses, Adil Shah’s palace, the Bishop’s palace and Fontainhas are few examples. Miramir Beach, Kala Academy, Jogger’s Park, Maha Laxmi Temple provide more attractions to visitors.


Vasco da Gama revels in the fact that it is the only place in Goa that has connectivity by rail, road, air and sea. For this reason, most tourists prefer to stay here and move around to explore other places. The major attraction of this city are Mormugao Port, Pilot Point, Japanese Garden, Shri Dugamata Shiv Mandir and Naval Aviation Museum.


Next in the list is Margao which has been given the sobriquet of ‘Athens of Goa’ since it is both the cultural and the commercial hub of Goa. Places to visit in Margoa include the Church square,Church of the Holy Spirit, Monte Hill, Grace and Pandava Churches and Damodar temple.


Mapusa is the largest town in north Goa. The Friday Market here is fairly popular amongst tourists. The market sells a variety of utility items ranging from fruits and vegetables to textiles and ouvenirs. Apart from this, other attraction of the place include Bodhgeshwar temple, Hanuman Theatre and the Church of Our Lady of Milagres.


Ponda, the last of the important town, is known as the temple town. however, off late a number of industries, factories and shops have cropped up in the area. The significant attractions here include Safa Shahouri Masjid, Mount Carmel Chapel and The Miraculous Cross. A number of temples also surround Ponda. Amongst them, the most popular ones include Mangueshi temple, Mahalsa temple, Shantadurga temple, Nagaueshi temple, Mahalaxmi temple and Kamaxi temple.


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