Auricular Therapy to Lose Weight


Auricular therapy fact files reveal that the treatment can help most people to lose weight. It has much in common with the oriental form of treatment – acupuncture. Many healthcare facilities in the US offer this goal-oriented therapy for patients who may be health or figure conscious. Those who are not comfortable with medications or invasive techniques may find this simple and non-complex procedure most welcoming.

Ear Stimulation to Reduce Food Craving

Auricular therapy focuses on the pressure points or nerve endings of the ears that are directly connected to the brain. By stimulating these pressure points, one can reduce food craving and this in turn curtails excessive dietary intake. Instead of using needles that can be painful and discomforting, mild electrical stimulation intercepts and blocks brain signals that demand more food.

Auricular therapy has a high rate of success among individuals who take the therapy seriously with determination and a strong will to lose weight. Some may lose weight faster than others while others could experience a gradual but steady reduction. Exercises and regular workouts can help boost metabolism, and shed excess pounds faster. Most facilities allow patients to schedule treatment. This makes it all the more convenient and easy for those who have a hectic schedule.

The treatment is provided on an outpatient basis and takes only about 30 minutes. In most cases one or two treatment sessions are all that is required to lose weight. Even people with food addiction who have undergone the therapy have found it extremely effective in controlling their urge. They have been able to overcome lethargy and lead a more active and healthy lifestyle.

Therapy with Immediate Benefits

Auricular therapy helps to lose weight with immediate benefits. The treatment, which has been relied on for over 35 years, is quite safe with no side effects or complications. On the contrary, it can provide added benefits to the body by improving the circulation of the blood; it stimulates brain functioning, relieves stress and relaxes nerves, stimulates the immune system and treats a number of common health conditions such as sleep disorders.

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