Auriculotherapy Weight Loss Programs


People who are looking for weight loss programs in their fight against obesity can turn to auriculotherapy as an option. Being overweight has an adverse effect on a person’s self confidence and can damage one’s self-esteem. Auriculotherapy is an effective solution to this problem. Auriculotherapy weight loss programs aids in decreasing your appetite; a lower appetite means you can patiently wait until the time you can eat healthy food, instead of eating at your convenience.

Auriculotherapy has become a popular mode of treatment, with many people using it regularly to get relief from many other health conditions – the treatment is now accepted to be beneficial for smoking cessation, alleviating muscle pain, reducing anxiety, and more.

Auriculotherapy –Effective in Suppressing Appetite

Studies have shown that auriculotherapy is effective in suppressing appetite. The same principles as acupuncture are applied here but without needles or pain. The procedure works by applying a very light stimulation to precise points on the external ear. These points are believed to correspond to specific parts of the body. Stimulation of certain points helps to minimize cravings, control appetite, and bring the body back into balance.

Completely Safe and Painless

The biggest advantage is that auriculotherapy is completely safe and absolutely painless. It has no side-effects and most patients experience weight loss with one or two treatments. A single session is of 30 minutes duration.

Auriculotherapy is not a substitute for dieting and exercise. But it supports your efforts in this direction. For the treatment to be fully effective, it’s imperative to work at improving your lifestyle habits (following controlled calorie diet along with increased physical activity). If you are serious about losing weight, discuss your weight-loss plan with your doctor. Arrange to get the procedure from a medical doctor or chiropractor trained in auriculotherapy.

Remember to indulge in activities that would keep you lively mentally and physically, which would ensure that you don’t gain weight once more.

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