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There are lots of people travelling Australia for its famous beach or famous Opera house, however Australia is not only about beach, Opera house, the habour bridge, it is also famous for its outback. For those travellers who are seeking to experience and connect with nature at its wildest in calm and tranquil, one should travel to the unique Australia outback.

 The incredible landscape, superb formation of rocks, unique flora and fauna has made Outback Australia to be one of the most popular tourist destination. There are also many cheap hotel, cheap phone card or calling card deals in Australia.

For adventure lover, be sure to bring your hiking shoes and always accompanied with binocular to witness the incredible view of the outback. Record your travel experience using a good web hosting

Stuart Highway is the well-known road to travel to Australia Outback.

Below is some of the well-known outback destination:

the Alice Springs Desert Park Discover many of the secret of Australia desert in Alice spring Desert Park.

 In Alice Spring Desert Park, you can see, smell and experience the desert habitats, Desert River, woodland habitat, superb range of plants, animals and also enjoy the cinematic journey through the desert evolution. After leaving the desert Park, you will have a new knowledge of Australia desert and it is sure unique!

Uluru (Ayers Rock)

One of the most famous tourist attraction in Australia, Icon of Australia, and a must place to visit is Uluru (Ayers Rock). Uluru is said to be the real Australia outback icon and the view is unbelievingly incredible. It is about 2.2 miles length, covered in moody rock which constantly changing colour from pink to dark red and to mauve. Have your magical moment in Uluru!

the Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park

Other than the spectacular Uluru, adventurous seeker might also have interest in taking ” The Valley of the Winds” walk in Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park . It is a scenic, tranquil and challenging walk. Just make sure to bring water, hat and sunscreen for your walk.

 Kings Canyon (Alice spring)

Another Australia outback tourist attraction is Kings Canyon, located about 300 km from Uluru. Rent yourself a 4 wheel drive and explore the spectacular colourful desert landscape, rock formation and endless horizon of space and freedom of King canyon, Western Mcdonnel Ranges, Palm Valley, Hermannsburg, chamber pillar

hot springs at Mataranka

After hiking or travelling in outback Australia, its time to relax your body and muscle in the warm water of Mataranka thermal pool. It is a natural hot spring, with water flow from Rainbow spring. You can also walk through the tropical rainforest that surround Mataranka hot spring Katherine Gorge.

 340 km southeast of Darwin (the capital Northern Territory) is the gorgeous Katherine Gorge. Unique rainforest in Katherine Gorge, accompanied with unique species of bird an animals. One of the best way to enjoy the full Katherine Gorge is by taking a cruise as canoeing and swimming might not be an option

 Kakadu National Park (Australia’s largest national park )

Kakadu National Park ,which believed to be aged more than 2 billion years old and located in Darwin, has wide variety of wildlife, aboriginal art, wetlands, gorgeous waterfalls, gorges, and rainforest. Kakadu National Park is also a well known place to do barramundi fishing . the Kimberley region. One of the world’s last great wildernesses surrounded by pure beaches, gorges, gum trees, wallabies, crocodile and blue skies.

 Go to Australia outback for those also search for a getaway from hectic life

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