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Australia established a working holiday program in 1975 which was aimed to have knowledge on the culture of another country and it mainly deals with young people. Cultural exchanges between the countries who participate in this program is the main aim and also to have better relationship with the countries. This is one way to have an Australia working visa.

By filling major non- skilled positions, the working holiday makers with Australian working visa provide a positive mark on the economy of Australia. To apply for the work visa, the Australian government welcomes people of ages between eighteen and thirty since they have an increasing requirement with that type of work force.

Eligibility Factors for Australia Working Visa – Australia Working Holiday Scheme

Canada, Belgium, Cyprus, Chile, Estonia, Denmark, France, Finland, Hong Kong, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Malta, Japan, Norway, Netherlands, Sweden, South Korea, Sweden, Taiwan, Turkey, Thailand, United States, and United Kingdom; These are some of the countries among which any one passport is necessary. The age must be eighteen years old and not older than thirty years old at the time of application for Australian working visas.

there are some health requirements for the applicants. some of the tests like HIV test, chest X-Ray, Hepatitis C, and/or Hepatitis B are essential. The medical examinations has to be completed in order to get the Australian visa. An examination fee will be charge and this is not included in the fee for the working visa Australia application.
expenses for medical purposes in Australia are high. health insurance is essential in Australia. The applicant of the working holiday visa should not have entered Australia previously using the same visa. visa will be provided to those who are outside Australia while you are applying unless you are applying it for second time. Application has to be made a year prior to travel in Australia.

Benefits of the Australia Working Holiday Visa

Owning this Australia Working Visa allows the holder to:

From the day of entry, you can stay in the country for about twelve months. According to the needs of visa holder, you can enter and leave Australia as many times as you need. but care should be taken that visa has not expired during those days. six months is the time validity to work with an employer. Do not forget that the occupation is incidental only to aid the journey. Studying in Australia is allowed up to four months. The time duration of four months is sufficient for a training course. Extension of working holiday visa is allowed to the visa holder. therefore, the visa holder can stay in Australia for another twelve months. There is no need to leave Australia to apply for extension.

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