Avoid Accidents, Know the Risks of Trucking


All drivers are always exposed to high risks while on the road. That is why training is very important before one will be allowed to go behind the wheel and drive. Aside from abiding traffic rules and regulations, a driver should also be awake and alert all the time while on the road to ensure safety, not only of his vehicle, but the more his safety and other drivers’ safety on the road.

Truck drivers are not an exemption here. They are also exposed on high risks while they are doing their jobs. As a responsible driver who carries larger vehicle, he must be more careful when on the road to avoid truck accidents. He should also ensure that his truck is well maintained and in good working condition every time they go out to transport their goods to its destination.

Health issue is one of the risks that truck drivers are facing. Due to long time of driving and sitting, a trucker might get back and neck pain, ringing on ears, ulcers, hemorrhoids, high blood pressure and fatigue due to lack of sleep. When the body and mind got affected by the stress related to truck driving, road accidents are also possible to happen. Because when a person is not in his normal condition, or he feels something bad, there is a chance that his senses are not working that good as well thus making him perform badly on driving.

Sleepiness is the number one reason of the most accidents that involves trucks. This is because truck drivers usually don’t get enough sleep because they work in shifts and try to drive as fast as possible without break to make sure that they will deliver on time. This is something dangerous not only for the trucks but most of all for the truckers.

Another risk is the truck’s blind spots. It is also said that in the past, it also cause lots of accidents involving trucks.  Because of its size, usually drivers are not able to see smaller vehicles on its back and on its sides.  On this case, smaller vehicle always have lot of disadvantages because when accident happens, they get more damage and worst is that the driver and its passenger might be seriously injured or died.

Using cellphone while driving, is another risk that cause accidents on the road. Be it answering a call, or calling or texting it’s dangerous because it will get your attention and will cause you to lose focus.  Due to many accidents associated to texting while driving, it is already banned to some states in the US.

Accidents on the road can be prevented if one is aware of these risks and be extra careful, alert and focused all the time.
Despite of its risky nature, there are still lot of men go for truck driving job due to attractive benefits that it offers. But even if there’s already a lot who wants to be on this job, still there’s a shortage because the demand keeps on growing as well.


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