Avoid Fattening Foods to Lose Weight


According to Certified Nutrition Specialist, the food we eat should have everything like vitamin, protein, fibre, carbohydrate and fat to lead a healthy life. They say that the most fattening foods in your diet should be avoided to a great extent if you are working on weight loss. General tendency among people while dieting is to avoid deep fried, ice creams, chocolate, junk food, rice etc. But the most fattening food in their diet is wheat and fruit juices. This may be alarming for many people. But it is the truth according to research and studies.

Wheat has been introduced into the human diet only in the last couple of hundred years and it became popular and an unavoidable part of many people’s diet only in the last 80 to 100 years. Wheat products are mistakenly understood to be healthy but actually it is in the top category of fattening food. The main problem with wheat is the gluten inside it. Most of the people have very less degree of tolerance to the gluten in wheat and human digestive system have never been able to adapt to large quantity of wheat in human diet. People are so used to eating bread, bagels, pasta, cereals, and crackers whose main ingredient is wheat. Some people include whole-wheat food in their diet, which is even unhealthier. By avoiding wheat completely from your diet for three weeks you can see amazing changes in your body. You will not only lose some pounds but also feel light and you will be able to see a vast change in your digestion system. Some people have got rid of skin problems and frequent headaches by avoiding wheat.

Fruit juices is yet another worst fattening food in our daily diet. Actually fruits are very healthy with good amount of vitamin, fibre etc. But people tend to take only the high calorie sugary mixture of the fruit in the form of juice leaving behind all beneficial components of the fruit. By drinking fruit juices you get only the appetite satisfying effect of the fibre and not the complete fibre in the fruit. The fibre in the fruit helps in blood sugar response. So it is good to eat fruit instead of taking it as juice. Moreover consuming lot of fruit juices results in gaining extra weight. So eat fruit and get benefited with all its nutrient density.

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