Avoid These Foods To Lose Weight

.tags The foods that we eat can affect your body in a number of ways, and ultimately affect your health as well. Being overweight can cause a number of serious health problems. There’s some food to avoid to lose weight and be healthy.

Most people are aware that saturated fat and trans fatty acids can lead to potentially serious problems with your cardiovascular health or other health conditions. Heart disease, plaque build up, cancer, etc. Fast food restaurants tends to be high in preservatives, saturated fat and trans fatty acids. If you must eat there stick to the salads (low fat or no fat dressings) and broiled chicken.

You should also try and avoid refined and processed foods as they tend to help making weight loss more difficult and often times leads to weight gain and poor nutrition instead. Refined foods that has been pre-processed such as bleached flour and white rice adds empty calories because much of the nutrients and vitamins have been bleached out, as a result the body doesn’t need to work this hard to digest it and you get less nutritionly. The fiber that’s in unrefined foods helps the body to move excess food and potentially harmful preservatives and toxins out of your system before it gets the chance to turn to fat thus helping you to lose weight.

Also avoid sugary foods and high glycemic foods. For example, certain types of refined carbohydrate (those with a high-GI value) is absorbed by the body to quickly and raises the blood sugar levels causing a “sugar spike”. This sometimes causes your body to overreact which helps to produce excess insulin which removes the sugar from your bloodstream resulting in low blood sugar which can eventually result in health problems. Thus resulting in mood and appetite swings from this yo-yo effect from the high and low blood sugar swings.

By eating foods that are low in the glycemic index it results in a more consistent blood sugar levels. Low glycemic foods includes apples, plums, cherries, yogurt, skim milk, etc. High sugary foods should also be avoided. Fruit contains sugars so whenever possibly eat the entire fruit as it contains fiber that won’t cause as much of a spike in your bloodsugar.

Additional food items to keep away from to lose weight are hydrogenated oil, partially hydrogenated oil, vegetable shortening, high fructose corn syrup, corn oil, margerine, food preservatives.

A weight loss tip that you may want to keep in mind is eating regularly, eat smaller but more frequent meals and snacks. This will help to keep your blood sugar level more consistent so you will have less mood and appetite swings and be less likely to binge and overeat. Your metabolism will also run smoother and burn fat more efficiently.

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