Avoid Wait Lists with Egg Donor IVF in North Cyprus


Infertility patients are increasingly learning to dodge the obstacles placed in front of them. For many, becoming pregnant is the most important gift one could receive. In attempts to obtain quality infertility treatment at lower costs and without wait lists, patients have set a traveling trend: undergo egg donor IVF in North Cyprus.

As with most reproductive treatments, egg donor IVF sparks controversy that makes treatment more difficult for those trying to conceive. One’s ovarian reserve refers the quality and quantity of a woman’s eggs. Egg donor IVF is a solution for women with poor ovarian reserves who struggle with fertility. However, some countries place restrictions or ban egg donor IVF all together. The rise in infertility treatment as a key component of medical tourism stems largely from constraining national legislation. In particular, the wait lists that burden IVF clinics throughout Europe and the U.S.

Dogus IVF Centre in North Cyprus has become so accustomed to receiving infertility patients from abroad that their services expand beyond quality infertility treatments. Patients traveling to Dogus IVF Centre for IVF treatment are greeted with airport pickup, hotel reservations, clinical transportation, and all the needed advice on North Cyprus activities in addition to their daily IVF support.

Advanced countries like the United Kingdom and Sweden, that offer an array of top quality infertility treatments, including donor egg IVF, are losing patients due to wait lists. The doctors at Dogus IVF Centre seem to better understand that time is of the essence when it comes to infertility treatment. As a result, people increasingly travel to North Cyprus to receive instant and quality infertility care.

Furthermore, the controversy surrounding reproductive treatments can pose impacts on national legislation that negatively affects those seeking treatment. For example, donor anonymity is no longer allowed in the United Kingdom. Such a shift in policy has resulted in a shortage of available eggs, which increases the already troublesome waiting lists that burden the UK’s IVF clinics. At Dogus IVF Centre, all donors are guarantees anonymity.

One major concern couples face when considering donor egg IVF is the attributes of the donor. At Dogus IVF Centre, all donors are must undergo a series of tests and screening to ensure fertile and healthy results. The doctors at Dogus IVF Centre do not take unhealthy eggs nor do they utilize egg sharing. The clinic’s commitment to successful egg donor IVF is seen through Dogus IVF Centre’s proud claim that every one of their donors has allowed for a successful pregnancy.

Undergoing egg donor IVF in North Cyprus is not just a medical treatment; egg donor IVF in North Cyprus becomes the vacation that grants the gift of fertility. What more could you ask?

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