Babynapped – Official Trailer – MarVista Entertainment

Babynapped – Official Trailer – MarVista Entertainment

A week after she gives birth, Ashley dies in a fatal car crash and her newborn has gone missing. Devastated, her husband Brian fears that there is something more devious behind the accident and the whereabouts of his child.

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Cast: Alexandra Paul, David Gallagher, Kaitlyn Black, Vanessa Evigan

A year after Kristin (Kaitlyn Black) gives birth to a stillborn baby, she’s divorced, depressed, and develops an unhealthy obsession with having a child. When her best friend, Ashley (Vanessa Evigan), becomes pregnant, Kristin fakes a pregnancy to “share” the momentous experience. A week after Ashley gives birth, she dies in a tragic car accident and her newborn goes missing. Distraught, her husband Brian (David Gallagher) works with the police and Kristin to find his baby’s whereabouts. When Kristin disappears as well, Brian fears the worst—that she killed Ashley and kidnapped the baby. Now, Brian must race to find Kristin before his baby is gone for good.


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