Bachelor of Marketing Online – Earn Your Bachelor of Marketing Degree Online

Bachelor of Marketing Online – Earn Your Bachelor of Marketing Degree Online – bachelor of degree marketing

Are you looking to earn a bachelor degree of marketing online?

Good for you. Because it is a pretty well-known fact that SPECIALIST get paid far more than GENERALISTS.

For example, a person who graduates with a MBA (masters in business administration) has a much better chance of getting hired for 50, 60, even $70,000 or more right out of school whereas someone who walk away with an “associate of arts” degree, pretty much, is not that much better off than a person with only a high school diploma because they have not specialized in anything.

So the good news is you are on the right track in seeking a bachelors degree in marketing online.

But what if there was a much faster way to get into making a significant income? Because, if you think about it, to earn a bachelors degree you are looking at a minimum of fours years of study AND a significant cost to make that happen.

What if, instead, you simply MASTERED MARKETING and earn while you learn.

You choices are really to get a get a bachelors degree of online marketing and learn from teachers and professors who teach digital marketing theory, but who have no real world experience in actually building a business or a brand online.

Or, better, you can learn what about email marketing, CRM, social media, Google AdWords, PPC, SEM, SEO, eCommerce and more from people who actually make money applying what they teach online.

The choice is up to you…

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