Bachelor Party Planning


Bachelor parties signify the final days of a free and independent life and the entry into the life of a committed marriage. They are a time for the groom to let loose and have some fun before the big day. The entire wedding process is pretty much about fulfilling the brides every wishes. The one day that’s all about the groom is the bachelor party, so make it a special one!

If you’re doing all the bachelor party planning, there are a few rules of thumb to follow. First of all everyone that is invited to the bachelor party should also be invited to the wedding. Also, the bachelor shouldn’t have to pay a dime. Typically the costs of a bachelor party are split among those that attend. And whatever you have planned should be something the groom will be comfortable with. You don’t want to embarrass the groom on the stage of a strip club if it’s something he will not enjoy and will haunt him for the rest of his life. Also, one thing that many people aren’t aware of is that the bachelor party should not be thrown the night before the wedding. Sure, it’s traditionally been a day to signify the last night of freedom, but you don’t want to risk anyone being late to the wedding after a long night out.

All in all, bachelor party planning isn’t that difficult a task. There are many ideas that you can work with. Of course, there’s always the stereotypical night at a strip club or hiring strippers to someone’s home. This really isn’t a mandatory thing though and nowadays bachelor parties can be as innocent as a night out to a sporting event. Other ideas for a bachelor party include a road trip, going camping, going fishing, white water rafting, skiing, going golfing during the day, a night at the casino, etc. The possibilities are endless. As long as it’s something you know the groom will enjoy and goes along with the grooms wishes, then you can do it. So make it a night that he won’t forget and give him a great sendoff to married life.

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