Back Pain Relief Natural Herbal Remedies and Alternative Treatments


Back pain is one of the most common problems but remedies to relieve this pain are effective and can be very helpful in reducing the agony of the victim. There are many causes for back pain out of which few are relatively benign while some can be serious. The pain can be debilitating as it can restrict the person from performing his day to day activities. Relief from pack pain even if temporarily is not only good for emotional health but also for the positive effects of the treatment.

To control pain and inflammation in allopathic medication NSAID are considered as the safest medicines, but all the side effects of NSAID are not known yet so they cannot be treated as harmless or side effect free medicines. Herbs and natural supplements are free of side effects and they are effective not only in providing relief from back pain or backache but also work well for treating the root of the problem.

During mild or moderate back pain self massage of the affected part or the whole back with warm eucalyptus or mustard oil is very beneficial. Self massage makes the muscles of the back move and warm herbal oil improve blood flow to the back for relaxation of muscles. Consumption of half teaspoon of guggulu twice in a day after every meal is very helpful in relieving the back pain. Tea made up of ten basil leaves and consumed twice in a day is also very helpful in relieving back pain. Massage of warm apple cider vinegar on the affected part also relieves the pain as well as inflammation.

Capsaicin are pain signal inhibitors which are abundantly present in cayenne pepper, Cayenne creams are available in the market and massage of this cream on the back can relieve the pain quickly. Chamomile tea can relax the strained muscles to relieve the back pain if caused due to muscle strain or sprain. Use of ginger in tea or in diet can be a great pain reliever, garlic clove consumed once in a day with water or using garlic as a spice in cooking also helps in relieving the backache.

Moist heat is considered as a quick pain reliever, soak a towel in hot water and apply on the affected part of the back, hot and cold compresses are also very effective in relieving the back pain. A sock full of rice kept in oven for few minutes at the temperature of 50-60 degrees can be used for hot compresses for quick alleviation from backache. Hot water bath can relieve all sorts of body pain, it can be more beneficial if taken just before going to bed.

Light exercises like walking, jogging, swimming or stretching are also beneficial. Keeping weight in control is not only good for health but also helps in keeping back pain at bay. Some yoga poses specifically focus on the back muscles of the body and their practice can give relief from pain and stiffness. Not sitting in one posture for long, carrying weight holding it close to the body and avoiding sudden and jerky movements can help in reducing the frequency of painful episodes.

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