Barneys Blue Cheese Seeds

.tags Looking for the ultimate cannabis / fruit cross? Look no further than Barneys Blue Cheeses seeds. Basically, this variety of cannabis plant is a cross between the standard Big Buddha Cheese and a blueberry plant, which makes a combination which is sweet to the taste, and ever sweeter to the senses.

Being one of the most popular adaptions of cannabis plant currently available on the market, we thought we would go in to a bit more depth on the product. Below we’ve included growing advice, tips, tricks, and a myriad of details about the plant itself. Hopefully this will help you if you are just starting out in the home growing industry – especially if this is your first time growing Barneys Blue Cheese seeds.

Growing Tips for Barneys Blue Cheese Seeds

The first thing you need to know about this plant is that it can be grown anywhere. Most people prefer to grow it in a shady area (which gets plenty of mid-day sun but not for the entire day). Watering needs to be done daily if you live in a dry or hot climate.

The flexibility of the plant is one of its best attributes. As it is a cross with the well-known blueberry, you are pretty much able to do whatever you like with the Barneys Blue Cheese seeds without anything going wrong.

In saying this, there are a few things which can cause a significant decrease in the yield from a particular crop:

“Overcrowding. You shouldn’t be placing more than 10 seeds per 25cm2.
“Premature harvesting. This plant has a tendency to plateau in growth a few weeks before it is ready, so don’t be fooled.
“Too much water. Remember – cannabis is not like many other garden plants. You don’t need to absolutely soak it in water.
“Too much sunlight. If you are growing your Barneys Blue Cheese seeds in natural sunlight, make sure they don’t get too much!

Assuming that you do all of the things above correctly, you will be able to experience the maximum level of success when it comes to growing this type of seed. If you notice that the plant isn’t flourishing as it should, feel free to contact the stockist who sold the pack to you and ask for advice. Even though most seller sites say that they don’t provide advice, they will be happy to help if you actually give them a call (and therefore don’t leave a paper trail).

The End Result of Barneys Blue Cheese Seeds

After approximately 9 weeks of successful growing, the harvesting period begins. This is the exciting time when you are able to turn your hard work in to a useable product. Be sure to harvest according to the instructions included with the seeds. This particular variety doesn’t need fussy harvesting or delicate hands. Despite the blueberry cross, it is actually quite resilient to rough handling, so go for gold.

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