Basic Facts about Aromatherapy Essential Oils


Numerous types of therapies are their but aromatherapy is one that can make the user live active, healthy and highly fulfilling life. Aromatherapy essential oils must be 100% pure. Good thing about it is that user can find aromatherapy products, oils and supplements that are non-toxic, almost anywhere. 
Benefits of Aromatherapy 
Multiple benefits are rendered by aromatherapy and the major among them are – 
•  It makes the user look and feel the very best; 
•  It enhances health and well being of the person using the therapy; 
•  Aromatherapy results in less stress and greater vitality; 
•  Harsh chemicals, coloring agents, additives, or artificial fragrances are not used here; and 
•  The product is pure, organic, natural, and therapeutic grade of essential oil. 
•  Aromatherapy helps promoting body, skin, as well as hair health and relieves pain much more than health. 
Aromatherapy Use 
Therapeutic product; Aromatherapy is bottles as single oil and at the same time is combined into some sort of blends that is heavily scented. It is also added to some super-powered nutritional supplements. Everything the user needs for optimal health is present in the product. Young and living essential oil can easily put back the life of the user on track offering true alternative to traditional medicines. 
Oils and Supplements 
In addition to the essential oils, there are also essential supplements that constitute integral part of aromatherapy. 
Aromatherapy Tradition and Features 
A healing art which is prevalent for over 6000 years from the time of Egyptian civilization, Aromatherapy was based on burning scented flowers and herbs for aromatic bath as well as skin care for cosmetic purposes. Essential Oils are usually volatile parts of plants that are extracted by the process of steam distillations or by expression. It is used for massaging, inhaling, and bathing and for manufacturing body perfumes, facial and skin care ointments, and hair shampoos. 
Other Ingredients of Aromatherapy 
Other ingredients used for aromatherapy are – 
•  Base oils and hydrosols since both are natural substances. 
•  Base oil is derived from vegetables and skin care. 
•  Hydrosols are floral waters and are basically byproducts of essential oil. 
Aromatherapy produces both psychological and physiological effects and can reduce stress and headache, improve sleep, boost up mood. Other benefits are hormone regulation, relaxation of muscles, and stimulation of immune system, skin diseases, as well as blood circulations.

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