Basics of Traveling Through China


The epic state of China is steadily assuming a place amongst one of the most desirable travel destinations in the world. From the Olympics host Beijing and panoramic Tibet to cosmopolitan Shanghai and the seaside Qingdao, China is crammed with fascinating cities and country sides that are worth visiting. Without spending much time on the introduction, let’s get straight to the basics of traveling through China. Before booking your cheap flight to China, first time travelers are advised to get a lowdown on certain facts that would make their China vacation a hassle free experience. Firstly, cheap flights to China are now available all around the year through various travel consolidators dotting the World Wide Web. Pick up a destination of your choice in China and make comparisons of cheap flights offered by different airlines and agents.

Travelers from the western world should make their accommodation bookings well in advance and only in big hotels where they can be sure of being entertained by an English speaking staff. Before you leave your hotel, get written the name of your destination and your hotel in Chinese characters. Most taxi drivers and locals on the road would not know how to read or speak English, hence carry a Chinese phrase book and dictionary with you all at all times. Most big hotels in China can exchange currency for the international travelers. Make it a point to carry petty Chinese cash with you as many things in China come cheap and not many vendors would be willing to change the big notes. Except in the government run stores and shops, do not hesitate to bargain while shopping.

As you stop outside your hotel, make sure of carrying mineral water with you. Most restaurants outside would not have menus in English. Hence, if you are the non-adventurous types, stick to international chains like KFC, Mc Donald’s, Hard Rock CafĂ© and Pizza Hut. Cheap flights to China can be booked online but do not make your train bookings from your home country. Once you reach China you realize how big a country it is and a train travel from Hong Kong to Beijing for example can take up to three days! Prefer taking cheap flights offered by several domestic and budget airlines that are available in plenty. Taxis are the most inexpensive and one of the most preferred modes of transportation to get around the cities.

China is a fascinating destination to vacation in but it can get a little difficult for the first timers to get around the country without knowing a bit of local language, traditions and systems. With just a little bit of research, most hassles can be overcome and your Chinese sojourn can become one of the most memorable holiday experiences.

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