Bead Formal Dresses


If you are unable to do the beading of a formal dress for a particular occasion then we can help you complete the task with perfection and elegance. When any ordinary dress is embellished with beads, it can change its overall appearance and make it look like a luxurious outfit that can help in turn more heads towards you. With some simple tips, you can easily bead the formal dress you have bought and acquire the admiration and envy of all others gathered for the event. You can ad simple and luxurious styles to the formal dress with beautiful beading. You can either decorate your dress with beads merely on the neckline or waist, or can do it all over the dress. You can choose any type of beads or quantity of beads for your dress. Irrespective of the type of beads you have chosen, it is always simple to provide your dress with beading. That means, the method of beading always remains the same regardless the beads you choose for the task.

Along with beads, beading needle and thread, you will require things like a measuring tape, colored pencils, fabric, sketch pad, fabric marker etc. Start the work by sketching out a simple design for beading on the fabric or the complete dress. You can make use of a measuring tape for drawing the portions with scale on the fabric. If you are using colored beads on the dress, it is recommended to draw the portions with colored pencils. Cutting out the patterns and then pinning them on the dress with help in indicating the place to position the beads. A fabric marker will help you to copy the designs on the dress. Remember to keep the lines fine so that the beads can cover the lines perfectly.

After tying a knot at one end of the thread, begin beading only after taking a small stitch for securing them tightly on the fabric. It would be better to take 4 to 5 beads at a time on the needle and stitch them on the fabric. In order to acquire the design you have wished, you should repeat the process on your dress. When using single beads, secure those tightly using back stitches.


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