Beauty Care: Beauty Lazy Lazy Own Brilliant Idea


Guidance: Holds many lessons for the importance of efficiency in society, when all sorts of things around you to find a shortcut, the skin care also have lazy coup.

1, beautiful in progress: a bath, the high temperature and composition can cause the body clean, dry skin, especially the legs and joints, often terribly dry, must be promptly smear Body Lotion.

Often made lazy disease: a bath takes 20 minutes to smear the body after the milk? May have to hurry to go to work not painted!

Lazy Americans to Return Weapon: You can choose some to add Oil Components bath products, body scrubs in many essential oils contain moisturizing ingredients. You will find the body after a bath is still not dry and slippery enough to omit the body milk. DIY approach is simpler: a bath last step in the wet coated layer of olive oil on the body and then flush. Even after the body does not smear the body dry milk will not dry to bear.

2, beautiful in progress: Apply eye cream with appropriate massage needs in order to better absorption. We all know that use is called “Beauty means” of the ring finger to click, but the intensity and time are equally important.

Often made lazy disease: Although a detailed diagram of massage exercise, but it is no patience in the eye Click for so long!

Lazy Americans to Return Weapon: teach you a simple “step-type” eye massage, no need to trouble your ring finger up. As long as the elbow support on his knees, and then let his head droop into the palm of your hand naturally, with a painted palm roots Eye guys eye socket. To maintain this position for 15 seconds, you can feel the skin of eye sour, very soothing, easy to massage effect.

3, beauty in progress: Sun Important has been the major media and beauty experts have stressed to be added to, year round sun of truth has to be a deep bone marrow.

Often made lazy disease: maintenance of the steps already complicated enough, but also added a sun ah? And James finished 20 minutes before sun to go out, my God! Forget it, cover Vice sunglasses trouble.

Lazy Americans to Return Weapon: Another lazy sun is to be painted, if it is not like this step, then the cream, liquid foundation and face powder with SPF values are replaced right?? Although these products in the sun index are not very high, but the value can not be superimposed sun, but research proved that: a certain thickness and the amount of sun protection are also key factors to be effective. Therefore, multiple use of several layers of products with SPF, always effective. Also an idea: to mix foundation with sunscreen use. Be sure to choose a higher multiple of sunscreen, as to the amount of foundation, you want to achieve protection from the sun is not enough, and if multiple is too low, roles are minimal.

4, beautiful in progress: massage skin temperature increased by 1 to 2 degrees Celsius, skin absorption will be significantly improved immediately so that the skin care more with less.

Often made lazy syndrome: massage takes too much time, and always worried about not just the opposite way, but no patient in front of a massage to learn gestures Figure 11.

Lazy Americans to Return Weapon: raise skin temperature are in fact not only massage it, you can get so hot hot towel. After soaking in hot water if too dry it cumbersome and hot, in fact, can be completely soaked towel, wrapped and put into microwave oven medium heat about 30 seconds, very easy to use. Hot compress can help skin care products faster and more thorough absorption.

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