Beauty Care – Social skills and natural beauty


Once you have your natural beauty has been enhanced from the inside, is the question of what to do with it. Many people do not think too much, but how you react makes a big difference in the perception that others have of you.

Set to go before you eat a date or just with some friends. There’s nothing worse than going to a dinner with someone who is absolutely beautiful, but is zero table manners! So it is worth spendingbit ‘time with a book on the table on the label. A review of reference, here are some tips to get started. First, know in advance what type of restaurant or dining room, which will be soon. In some places will tell you when you are dressed, so intelligent. Secondly, it is a good idea to learn about a variety of local cultures. Not everyone does everything the same way, so that a point of reading, or ask someone before the visit of an ethnic groupRestaurant or meeting. Table for the American / European Dinner, the value is generally consistent left fork of the plate, knife and spoon on the right side of the plate, bread and cakes, main dish, cups and plates and cups and napkins to the right, or in a glass , folded on the plate or near the fork.

In general, forks and spoons are placed after the course to eat first. Therefore, forks and spoons, saladStep out of the provision and forks, near the bridge. Dessert forks are often served separately. You could also say, forks and spoons, friction salads and other specialty food products based on the temperature. Keep lettuce fresh argued that the fork is not heated before entering the mouth. Speaking of the mouth, instead of always being the napkin on his lap. But wrapped in a knee, do not drop the towel on the floor. The article, in the oppositearound the table and never reached the other side for some reason. All these things are changing that shows women own or Sir.

Other social contexts require different tactics. The rule of thumb to remember to be polite as possible. In the case of brutality, is in its nature is beautiful because it is not intrusive. Do not swear excessively. Be sure to shake his hand, as many people as possible to smile and remember. The network, network,Network! You never know who are in contact, and someone may have already reached, may possibly related to that person to obtain. If you do not feel comfortable, there are many ways to avoid the embarrassment polite. Do not hesitate to shoot someone for an act, if necessary. When it comes to cell phones, sparingly, in company of others, mainly used on the table or in a classroom or a meeting. Let the people, instead of self-disclosure, butQuestions from the press, which makes them uncomfortable.

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