Beauty That Shines

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By marina.xi – GlenXi Estates on 2009-08-24 12:24:38


There is so much that contributes to the initial attraction between two people. Over looking the physical appearance, even the personality, there is one thing that stands alone that makes the difference between one of many people to stand out and really shine. It is a persons energy. It is that something special that everyone feels when they get around a specific person. Although everyone might feel a little different as this feeling arises due to the mingling of energy between yourself and that person, even if it is a projection of your energy alone towards that special someone.

This is the type of energy that stops people in their tracks, having met or seen someone for the first time and just knowing (through feeling energy) that there is something extraordinary about that person and people either want to be around that person and others want to be just like them. Regardless of your sex and motive, if you want to portray this potent level of energy there is a simple exercise that you can do to temporarily increase this energy within yourself to affect others in a close surrounding for a short period of time.

Imagine a future event that you are involved in that has multiple people in it as well, but only strangers. In this future event actually see yourself radiating a field of energy as if a small version of the sun is inside of your body radiating out and illuminating the room. As this light radiates out of your body and it hits all the people around you (the floor and ceiling as well) it creates the impression for yourself that this light actually warms everything and nourishes the people as it reaches them. This exercise is the visualization of an event for the duration an instant, not more than a few seconds. Upon holding this complete feeling with the assurance of knowing this is actually happening in this future event, and when you have it everything here disappears for an instant. As you are totally there in that moment, then let it go.

Twice a week practice this. Then when go to meet someone new or head out to meet friends at a bar, or a business affair before you enter into the building remember this event and project it a few minutes before you enter into the building. The key here is to remember it, hold it for a moment and then completely release and forget about it (it is not necessary to actually feel its impact on others, only yourself.) The forgetting about it part is what empowers this energy to affect everyone around you. If you do not forget about it after you release it, you will be holding back and keeping this event from manifesting and affecting everyone and everything. It is not necessary to direct this towards anyone specific as it will actually hinder you desired results.

When people feel a buzz of energy it creates even more excitement and heightened curiosity and sensitivity to energy, so doing this without any specific target will actually increase its affects on everyone. Enjoy.

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