Benidorm, Spain – Things To Remember


Benidorm, a town in Alicante, Spain, is a very popular destination for tourists. This place even has a TV show based around, which makes the tourism industry very thriving.


Typically known for fun entertainment and nightlife, there are many things to do around Benidorm. In the day you can visit theme parks such as the Terra Mitica Fun Park, which is the largest in Europe and has many themed rides, or Aqualandia if you prefer water based fun on their slides and in their pools.


You can also try the local markets or take in a spot of wildlife at Mundomar, with performing dolphins and many other animals, as well as a children’s park; Terra Natura Wildlife Park which lets you get right up close to nature with no visible barriers, or a safari park such as Aitana or Vergel parks which have a real mix of animals to interact with.


The main thing most people will go for though is the nightlife. Make sure your trip to Benidorm does not skip over the famous show at the Benidorm Palace. In a nightclub setting, this is a vibrant show with many entertainers who are highly reputed. A cacophony of feathers, headdresses and dancing, get there between 9 and 10pm ready for the show at 10:30 and to enjoy a dinner beforehand. A first class entertainment, there are acts from around the world to make this show spectacular.


The Stylish Showbar is one to go for if you are up for some fun. Strictly adult comedy is to be had at Rich Bitch, which features a variety of drag queens who will guide you through some tongue in cheek sets, as long as you get there by 9:30pm. This is a real piece of entertainment if you are up for it.


If Cabaret is more your style, then try Stardust or The Town, as they will be perfect for you. The former concentrates on comedy and the latter has Elvis impersonators and every other performer you could think of, so you can bop and dance along to your favourite hits all night, alongside a nice drink. For more comedy, try Zodiac, which will have you in stitches from early evening until late into the night, a perfect night when you want to unwind and let your worries slip away on a nice holiday. The comedy routines are good old school fun which will makes sure you have a memorable evening.


A combination of both comedy and singers is found at Valentines, with tribute acts and comics alongside each other, followed later on by a more ‘naughty’ show, which is great to indulge in for some sexier times on holiday. There is a disco on at Valentines too, so you can dance until your heart’s content and stumble back to the hotel after a guaranteed great night out.


Benidorm really is known for the showmanship that is housed in the clubs and bars of the area, so if you want a relaxing, interactive holiday for adults then this is a great place to go. There is plenty to do in the daytime for everybody, including families.


Happy Holidays

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