Berry Good Recipes – Delicious Ways to Have Acai


At long last, the Brazilian delicacy called acai berry is now available and has become one of the most talked about subjects in the world of food and medicine. Acai berry can be bought in different forms, but what makes it more interesting is the enchanting recipes formulated to be appetizing for everybody’s taste.

The natives near the Amazon River Basin consume this astounding fruit and they have different recipes for savoring it. One of the most famous of these recipes is one that turns acai berry into wine. It is so popular and it was handed down from one generation to the other.

The fruit can also be made into juice, a smoothie, or into a health drink. The fruit cannot be cooked or left at room temperature. The reason behind this is because the anthocyanins degrade very quickly. To prevent the loss of the nutritional value of the fruit, there is a need for it to be always refrigerated. Some recipes are the following:

The Traditional Brazilian Style. Take about 200 grams of acai berry. Get about one half cup of soy milk and put it in a blender. Add a banana to taste. Serve this blended smoothie in a bowl and top it with your favorite topping. This is your most basic fruit blend. You may also add fruits such as strawberry, mango, or apple to give your smoothie a distinctive taste. You may also blend in yogurt, milk, and cream. It even becomes more delicious with topping like cashew or other nuts. To give it a crunchy taste, try adding wafers or cookies.

The drink. This is favored by people who are on the move. Aside from the fact that it quenches your thirst, it is also very healthy. For this, 100 grams can be added to milk or other juices.

Breakfast. It can be added to corn flakes or pancakes for extra energy.

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