Best Acne Natural Remedy – Diet Change


The largest body organ is skin. It helps other major body organs for eliminating waste. The best acne treatment for most people is the better choice of the food they eat. If a person is unhealthy it is reflected by his skin.

Acne breakout takes place when the natural oils produced by skin, start to clog in the skin pores. Acne breakout normally takes place when the puberty onsets; as it produces more hormones. The case is same during pregnancy. As we know acne is a worldwide problem and faced by most people of the world so there are many types of treatments, medications and products in the market.

There are many acne patients who claim that simple diet change worked best for them. When I was in my teens I had severe acne breakout. I used several best acne treatments like Retin A; as it was one of the best prescriptive acne treatment at that time. Some of my class fellows were using Clearasil and Noxzema for their acne treatment.

Through my experience I have learned that even the severe acne breakout can be treated by cutting back processed food and replacing it with healthy foods that include vegetables and fruits.

Eating foods rich in fiber content like vegetables, fruits, cereals and wholegrain aid the person to clean the digestive tract. Most people suffer from acne breakout because they have dirty colons. Mucus and undigested processed food over the period of time turn to toxic substance that is termed “mucoid plaque”

If since many years your meal plan contains a regular serving of any of the following;




Microwave food

White Flour

Fried Food

Drugs (for example Alcohol, Aspirin)

Hydrogenated fats

Then the chances are that you must have mucoid plaque in the body.

Many types of nasty bacteria use these old feces as their home for breeding. The name of one such bacterium is candida which eats sugar from the food you consume and in return give a chemical that have the ability to cause all types of skin problem and allergic reactions.

The use of diet as a natural acne treatment is not that bad as it seems. There are many foods that serve as a natural acne treatment when incorporated in the diets. At first I also thought that it is better to remember to take acne medicine than to avoid junk food. However with the passage of time I realized that best acne treatment is the change in diet as it goes a long way.

A best fiber rich food is psyllium. One can easily buy psyllium husk from nearby health store or local market. Just mix a tablespoon husk in water and drink it. Psyllium husk serves as sponge and cleanse the colon.

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