Best Aerobic Exercise


Walking is a perfect aerobic exercise for beginners if they are just starting a fat burning program. Walking is very natural way of aerobic, meaning every people can walk and does not tire the body too quickly.Diagnosis The only drawback is that even if people walk for 30-60 minutes, it will not really burn many calories unless they walk at a fast pace. Just like running or jogging outdoors, it can also be done indoors in the treadmills. This is a big gain to those people who have cold climates and cannot run or job outside all year long. Treadmills now have a lower injury potential because of all the advances in technologies, so it is much easier on the feet and legs. Stationary Bicycles come in several forms; the two most popular forms are stationary upright bicycles and stationary recumbent bicycle. The stationary upright bicycles provide different preprogrammed courses which help people to keep the same intensity throughout the workout. Most of these have several difficulty levels and built-in heart rate monitors. The stationary recumbent bicycle is very similar to the upright one, but because the lower back is supported, it is much more comfortable. Outdoor cycling is not as good as stationary bicycling because people can cheat by letting gravity to do all the work. But there are a number of people enjoy mountain biking and cross-country cycling, so they would prefer to ride their bikes outdoors. In order for outdoor cycling to have a fat burning effect, people must maintain a steady pace or else it will not be that effective. Elliptical machine first became popular in the year of 1995. Lots of major fitness equipment manufacturer started making their own version of these elliptical machines. It is like a combination of cycling, hiking and walking all in one, which is what give it its excellent fat burning potential.Diagnosis And because elliptical machine is a very fun exercise to do, people tend to report that it is much easier to for them to complete then other exercise at the same intensity. Also most of the people consider the rowing machine to be the most complete aerobic exercise because it works all the major muscle groups in the body through a wide range of motion. The advantage to rowing machine is that it burns a lot of calories which helps burn more fat, but it can also be very fatiguing for people to maintain a sustained long enough exercises. Stair climbers not only provide an intense fat burning aerobic exercise, but they also effectively target the hamstrings, quadriceps, glutes, and calves. Rowing machine comes with many difficulty levels and workout programs. Unless people feel some knee pain, this one’s a very high calorie burning exercise.

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