Best Drug Rehabilitation | Facility Tour

Best Drug Rehabilitation | Facility Tour

Best Drug Rehabilitation strives to offer our patients the most effective substance abuse recovery program that we possibly can. From our medically supervised detox clinic, to the various treatment options available for our patients to select from, to our extensive aftercare department, we are dedicated to the personal success of each and every individual that comes to our rehabilitation center seeking help in overcoming their addiction. Our caring and compassionate staff, many of whom have been through the recovery process themselves, help to create a sense of comfort and connection on a personal level, with a deeper understanding of what our patients are facing as they journey down the path towards a substance-free lifestyle.

The treatment program at Best Drug Rehabilitation is designed to be adaptable to any person who is seeking help with their substance abuse issues. In essence, the program helps our patients to uncover and address the underlying issues that may be a factor in their addictive behaviors. It helps them to understand why they make those choices in life, and how to confront certain issues and situations without resorting to using drugs or alcohol. Our patients discover the tools needed to make healthy and positive decisions, deciphering right from wrong, which can be difficult in altered mental state of addiction.

Our rehabilitation program doesn’t just focus on the patient’s mind and thought processes. We believe that, in order to realize successful recovery from addiction, we must concentrate equally on healing the three main aspects of the individual: Body, Mind, and Spirit. We encourage our patients to lead a healthy and active lifestyle, with a balanced and nutritious diet and plenty of exercise. Our facility offers plenty of athletics, including basketball, volleyball, tennis, and many other sports. Participation in these activities also helps the patient to make personal connections with others, building a strong foundation for the support network that is so important in recovery from addiction. There is also a fully equipped exercise center that our patients are encouraged to use on a daily basis. We believe that, when a person feels healthier physically, they are better able to concentrate on their recovery program.

The patients at Best Drug Rehabilitation discover that they have the ability to make the complete lifestyle transformation that is necessary to realize true long-term recovery from addiction. They find the tools that they need to enjoy life in a healthy, positive and productive manner. They come to understand the level of personal responsibility that they hold in their recovery, and that the power to remain clean and sober lies in their hands. They discover the strength within to build a better world for themselves and their loved ones, and the optimism to hope for a brighter future.

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