Best Meal Plans For Weight Loss – Simple Weight Loss Meal Plans


Best Meal Plans For Weight Loss

Here are some very fast, simple weight loss meal plans. These are brutally effective at fat loss, and you don’t need any special ingredients, shakes, bars or other. Just your local market will do fine. Ready to drop the fat and get sexy?

Don’t be tempted to buy special food that has “weight watchers”, power bars, meal replacement shakes or anything else, because it just isn’t needed.

Seriously, I saw someone eating Weight Watchers ice cream the other day, and they thought it was good for them because it is weight watchers…

That guy is going to wonder why his pot belly is getting bigger even though he pays wallet exhausting fees every month and buys special food..

I personally don’t like meal plans, I like to have a bit of a choice, so here is what you do:

Before anything, go and buy as much chocolate and crap as you can and STUFF yourself. Overfill yourself until you feel sick then eat more.

Don’t drink water, just eat chocolate, fudge and cookies etc for a whole day. Best Meal Plans For Weight Loss

After that day you will be so sick of that crap you can’t wait to start a new way of eating.

Throw out everything you own that isn’t fruit, veggies (canned and frozen are okay), lean meats, nuts, seeds, grasses, sprouts, oats and a few other very select thing.
Go shopping and buy a whole mountain of these foods.
You will lose weight faster than ever because you don’t give yourself a choice in the matter.

Take a night out once a week and go crazy eating what you like, just to curb any cravings you may have.

After a while you will get sick of these junky, fat adding binges and you will realize that you are not a 5 year old child who gets pleasure from feeding their face, but a mature adult who is moving towards a goal of six pack abs and a lean, sexy body.

Do you want me to show you step by step exactly how to do it? Best Meal Plans For Weight Loss

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