Birth Announcement Etiquette 101

Madonna and Child
"All that the prophets foretold about Christ has been fulfilled through you, Virgin Mary: you were a virgin when you conceived and remained a virgin after you had given birth."

– Vespers antiphon from Christmastide.

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By Lawrence OP on 2012-02-15 12:17:30

When you are going to give birth to a child, it is a truly special event. All of your friends and family will be eager to hear the news. However, there are certain rules of etiquette for announcing a new birth. The best way to announce a birth is to give all of the information in a simple way. Sending birth announcements to everyone important in your life is paramount.

Birth announcements should be sent as close to the actual birth date as possible. Picking out the design and verse, and addressing the envelopes before the actual birth can make things a lot easier. Additionally, buying stamps before the arrival of the new baby can help ensure that you can send the notices out soon after of the actual birth. A good practice is to wait no longer than six months to send out birth announcements. If you wait longer than that, some people may feel slighted by not being informed. There’s nothing worse than an angry aunt or uncle!

Birth announcements should be simple and effective, and, of course, attractive. If you are concerned with how you will appear in front of your family, then you should probably make sure you have an appealing birth announcement. Capturing the joy of the arrival of a new baby is essential in any birth announcement. Of course, all of the colors should be practical. Some nice ideas are to include colors like pink and purple for girls, or blue and green for boys. Use clever fonts and easy-to-read font colors. Selecting the size of the letters is also important because older people in your family may not have the best vision.

In the birth announcement, you may want to have a verse as the introduction. It could be a short passage from a poem or a popular phrase. The passage should capture the joy you and your family feel over the new arrival. An example would be something such as: “Our home has grown by two feet…” The child’s name should naturally be included at the beginning of the announcement (first, middle, and last). Birth details are also very important. Facts such as the birth date, weight, and length. You can also add the time of birth and the place of birth onto the announcement. The closing should include the parents’ names followed by sibling names (if any). Following these simple rules of etiquette should result in everyone important in your life finding out about the new arrival in a timely and pleasant manner.

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