Birth Control Pills and Hair Loss – Can Birth Control Pills Cause Hair Loss? Truth Revealed!


Birth control pills and hair loss are interlinked. Mostly these pills have estrogen, which encourages hair growth and extends the growth period of hair follicles. Our curls reach the resting phase, which causes hair fall. These oral contraceptives cause a temporary loss of tresses.

The process of loosing curls is a disturbing phenomenon especially for women. Long and thick curls symbolize beauty and femininity. Balding in men is acceptable while women with a hairless scalp may look quite scary. In order to preserve your beautiful curls, you should take up nature-based products.

There are various causes of balding in women such as:

* The production of estrogen stops due to menopause, which consequently leads to hair fall.

* Pregnancy and childbirth can also cause this complication.

* Most women experiences different types of side effects such as fatigue, acne, headaches, mood swings, stress, depression, vomiting etc. due to consumption of birth control pills, which may further aggravate hair loss.

* The problem can be hereditary too which can be easily prevented.

* Some common day-to-day causes such as air pollution, water pollutions, and usage of harsh shampoo, hair bleaching etc. can also cause hair loss.

* Other factors that encourage balding are complications such as diabetes, anemia, anorexia and bulimia.

In order to preserve your curls, you should resort to organic products, which can easily moisturize and cleanse your scalp and encourage hair growth. Some of the most effective nature based ingredients are Apple polyphenols, Rooibos or red tea, and green tea. These constituents are rich in anti-oxidants, which can easily flush out toxins from your body. Regular application of these nature-based constituents will nourish your scalp and encourage growth.

All these organic ingredients can be found in Smart organic products. They are offering 14 days risk free trials. You can easily avail other services such as free consultation with doctors through phone. It is advisable to order trial version for understanding the product and its benefits.

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