Bloating in Females

.tags Water Retention in women is the reason for many health-related difficulties, including high blood pressure, PMS, and even certain pregnancy issues. Even worse, it causes it to be nearly impossible to shed weight on a diet or fitness routine! Asian women have used different techniques to combat water retention for generations, and today we’re going to talk about a few of them to help you burn fat and lose weight quickly!

Bloating in Females

As women we tend to suffer from the effects of water retention around the time our menstrual period hits each month. It really makes up one of the hardest parts of PMS, occurring the week before our actual period takes place.

Bodily hormones are at fault (as they are for most troubles in our lives unfortunately), and movement in our estrogen levels turn on creation of a hormone called “aldosterone”. Aldosterone then may cause our kidneys to retain fluids through the body, and we observe a sudden gain in water weight quickly.

Most of this water weight is affected by gravity, which is why many of you suffer from swollen knees and legs during this time. Pain, soreness, and inconvenience all add up to a difficult time for anybody dealing with this tough condition.

Organic Cures Help

First thing we can do to reduce excess water is minimize the foods and ingredients that hasten and increase its retention inside our bodies.

Number 1 on this list is salt, or sodium. Salt forces the body to retain water at an amazing rate, up to TEN TIMES its own weight for every gram we eat! Incredible!

Use natural replacements like extra spices or even pepper to minimize salt as much as possible whenever you start to see the signs of water retention.

One more food that can help us lean out a bit is the enjoyable banana! Asian women have used bananas as a home remedy against water retention for as long as I can remember, my own Grandmother swore by them while I was a child.

The main reason they do the job so well has to do with the presence of potassium, which helps do away with fluid retention. Eat two bananas every day and watch the water fly away! If you don’t have any bananas, or if you don’t like how they taste, try raisins as an alternative as they can also provide the same purpose.

For Anyone Who Is Really in Pain

Like all swelling, a solid ten minutes of treatment with a ziplock bag full of ice (wrapped in a towel) can reduce inflammation dramatically and will ease the pressure of knees, ankles, and feet. If on the other hand you are suffering from a diabetic condition please check with your family doctor before performing any ice-related treatment.

Natural diuretics, or foods that help you get rid of water from your system, can also assist in a pinch. Cranberry juice is very useful for this purpose, as is cabbage or coleslaw.

Get rid of the Water but Also Get rid of the Fat

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