Bloomberg Fantasy Football Tool Coming To iPhone, iPad

This will enable the users of iPad and iPhone to use Bloomberg’s advanced analytic tools which help you to compare between any two National Football League players and decide which team would come up with the best results. The iPhone version costs $ 1.99, while the iPad app will be available for $ 4.99 and the app will be sold through Apple’s App store. These mobile versions are the creation of Bloomberg Sports division of the company.

 There is a stiff competition between Thomson Reuters and Bloomberg. Hence, the latter is also trying to attract more viewers. They are also trying to overcome the challenges of live news coverage through electronic media, especially through the internet. However, the economic limitation of some of the media is found helpful for companies like Bloomberg. The Decision Maker app of Bloomberg has a great advantage in the entertainment arena as their tool assist in translating the market data of companies into other comfortable categories.

he season ticket of Decision Maker can be subscribed for $ 7.95 for a season. The alliance of Bloomberg Sports and NFL allows you to have the tool through the website of NFL absolutely free of charge. The sophisticated “propriety scientific algorithms” offered by the iPhone version enables you to assess the individual players too. You can compare the players with the help of the tool.

 Players are ranked with the assistance of complex scrutiny of a variety of aspects including the recent performances of players. It shows details of the prospective opposing defense and even the weather forecasts for the venues. Bloomberg Sports Decision Maker is extremely precise. Even though it uses fact-based historical calculations, it is very fast and easy to use. The tool gives key answers weekly and the fantasy players can select the name of their choice.

 Bloomberg Sports signed a contract of distribution with Fox Sports, USA Today, RotoHog and to feature the Decision Maker a month ago. Last march, the management board of Bloomberg has given permission to its head of business development and product’s division Mr. Bo Moon and the company’s operation in charge Mr. Jay Lee to continue with the development of the product.

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