Bollywood Movies In 2010 Part 2

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The year 2010 has been great for the Bollywood in terms of the success for the movies. With new faces and the directors coming to the Bollywood industry, new ideas are being brought every now and then. The biggest change in the approach in making the movies is making them more realistic. the movies on various subjects have been made and they are no longer love stories only.

Brief discussion of movies

The movies are ranging from the subjects of the sports to politics, from historical characters to Sci-fi fantasies. The best of the movies came with the introduction of many new subjects. The filming quality has also increased tremendously. The more ideas being brought to the cinema, the movies are becoming interesting.Let us talk which subjects were chosen for the movies?

The movies with different subjects-

Guzzarish, the movie was based on the issue of the person who has been paralyzed and wants to die with the help of legal permission. The leas role was played by Hritik Roshan and the lead actress was Aishwarya Rai. The best part of the movie was the life of a person who is paralyzed was filmed beautifully. Though the movie could not do well on the box office but was admired across the globe.

Off beat movies

Raajneeti, was based on the issue of politics in the northern India and its impact on the general public in the states of north India. How people are attached with the political issues have been explained very well in this movie. How the politicians play with the emotions of the general people has been effectively shown in the movie.

Rakta Charitra, was based on the biography of one of the leading politician. The film was based on the story of the growth of the person who has grown from nowhere to a national level leader. The politician, who was an underworld don at some time, eventually joined the politics and appeared in the national politics very aggressively. The change in the character and the behavior of an underworld don to a politician was showcased in two parts of the movie.

These Latest movies suddenly brought delight to the spectators as they were able to see the wide spectrum of Bollywood movies.

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